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Considered the standard for years, Infinity offers full repeat capabilities in the length and width of your carpets, along with limitless pile heights to maximize sculpture and texture. Because of its speed in manufacturing, Infinity has become the ideal option and gold standard for guestroom applications.  Our founder, Clayton Miller, always has innovation in mind and purchased the first Infinity machine in 2005.




Colorpoint is amongst the latest in advancement of public space tufted carpet equipment.  Color options range from four to eight colors providing a sliding scale of value and design depending on your project's needs.  Our founder, Clayton Miller in a joint venture, also purchased the first Colorpoint machine in 2012.

CYP (Computerized Yarn Placement)

CYP, an acronym for Computerized Yarn Placement, was the first tufting equipment which brought the capabilities of woven goods stateside.  Its cut and loop construction is available in up to six colors and ideal for large repeats needed in corridors and public space while maintaining the benefits of solution dyed nylon and American made product.

Palette - Carpet Tile

Carpet Tile

Flexible and durable solution for both guestrooms and public spaces - minimizing waste without compromising function and style.

  • Sizes: 19.6" x 19'6" |  9.8" x 39.2" 

  • Weights: 17-26oz

  • # of Colors: up to 4

  • Backing: HD Vinyl and Comfort Cushion

  • Methods of Installation:: Ashlar, Random, Quarter Turn

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